a/p/a press


Raúl Hidalgo
Movement: Leave your label
Collective performance. Book composed of clothing labels. Page numbers variable
a/p/a press, Paris/Madrid, 2024

The score that we perform may be read as a collective edition of books, advancing new forms, modes of production and reading of the book medium. At the same time, with this score we question where our clothes actually come from and how they are produced from an economic, ethical and above all ecological perspective. The labels that compose the book act here as sheets and the texts in multiple languages tell us about their origins and journeys from across the world, as well as the diversity of participants who share a fragment of their story with us. The sizes and materials of the clothing items that appear on the labels give us form and aesthetic content; they act as a place that relates signs, desires and care. At the same time, these books are archives of the body in a dichotomous and paradigmatic relationship with that which names, describes, categorizes, locates, etc.