a/p/a press


Raúl Hidalgo
Latent Views in the City of Antwerp / Miradas Latentes en la ciudad de Amberes
Photobook. 46 pages. Edition of 200
a/p/a press, Paris/Madrid, 2021
ISBN: 978-84-09-36107-6

Latent Views in the City of Antwerp is composed of a series of photographs, which show what a selection of commemorative monuments "look at". From the study of statues and sculptural groups, a photographic record is carried out that uncovers a new form of knowledge of Antwerp’s urban space. Directing the work towards the contexts of each monument’s location, a displacement is proposed from the statue’s point of view towards that which is in permanent transformation. This project contributes to the paradigmatic shift in the way of understanding the functions of monuments, urban space and the photographic act from contemporary artistic practice.

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